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Hello Im Constance Devil from Czech Republic, a natural blond &amp horny girl with baby blue eyes, large tits &amp big pink nipples
Earlier today I was at the produce market shopping for some fresh melons when I noticed this guy checking me out, me and my big tits. I really dont mind when a guy stairs at my tits, in fact it gets me very excited, to witness there effortless control of a situation still amazes me. At first I acted not to notice him, but later when he knew that I had busted him, he became embarrassed and shied away. By then I was already excited and wanted him to fuck me. So I invited him over to my place for some fruit salad. Once there I could quickly that his shyness was just an act. He took total control, it was perfect,he started kissing me, slowly removing my clothes, he started grabbing my big tits, squeezing them and teasing my nipples, I was getting so hot We sat down on the bed, he started kissing my tits sucking on my nipples, I could my pussy wetting up We continued undressing, he laid back on the bed and slowly started licking my pussy, he stuck his fingers inside and slowly moved them in &amp out. He reached up and grabbed my huge tits, pinching my nipples between his fingers. I took his cock and ran my tongue up &amp down, I began sucking it, stuffing it in my mouth as deep as it would go. I felt it hit the back of my throat over &amp over again. Pulling his dick out of my mouth he slid it right between my juicy melons I was lying there watching his cock come through my tits towards my face, it looks so big it seems to grow with every stroke. I started licking &amp sucking his cock as he slid it between my tits. I laid on top of him, placing my wet pink pussy above his mouth, I grabbed his cock and ran my tongue up &amp down his swollen shaft, licking his balls, I wiped up wide and shoved his cock down my throat, I could his cock throbbing inside of my mouth. He was lapping away at my pussy like a little puppy dog would a bowl of milk The way it sounded when he eats my pussy, is really turning me on He laid behind me and started spooning my pussy, deep hard strokes, I could feel him pounding up against my ass thrusting his cock still deeper in my hot pussy, his balls slapping my pussy. He grabbed my tits and gave my nipples a good pinching, this shy boy was fucking me good He placed me on all fours and started fucking me doggy style, he had his cock so deep in my pussy he was hitting parts unknown, smacking my tits. He pulled his swollen cock of my pussy and stuck it right in my mouth, I could taste my sweet pussy juices on his cock . I got on top of him so he could see my tight ass bounce up &amp down on his cock. My tits were bouncing out of control he was fucking my pussy so good and I was loving it I laid back on top of him placing his cock in my mouth in &amp out as deep as it would go, I was trying to suck the life out of him. He was licking my swollen clit, it wasnt long and he was lapping away at my wet pussy again, Ive never had anyone eat my pussy the way he did. I got down on my knees, he stood up over me I was still stroking &amp sucking his cock like there was no tomarrow, he shot a massive load all over my tits, it was so warm, I put his freshly cummed cock back in my mouth so I could get what ever was left, it wasnt much but how sweet it was
Constance Devil
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